Big Bunny, Bunny Ears


January, 2011   

Tricycle Press a division of Random House


written by  Betseygail Rand & Colleen Rand

illustrated by CSW Rand


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Bunny Ears Paper Craft


Materials needed:  Stiff paper or card stock, crayons or markers, scissors, glue or tape or stapler

How to:

1. Click here to see the Bunny Ears Template.

2. Click here to see the Headband Template.

3. Right click the template and select print.

4. Print as many bunny ears sets as you want.

5. Color your bunny ears and headbands the way you like best.

6. Cut out the bunny ears.

7. Cut out two or three headbands.

8. Tape or staple two or three headbands together. (Measure around your head to see how many you need to fit.)

9. Tape, glue or staple your bunny ears to the center of the headband.

10. Measure the headband around your head.

Note: Folded bunnies also make great placecards for party tables, or table decorations.